A unique set of online MySQL GUI Tools that extends on the capabilities of MySQL, giving anyone the ability to easily manage a database.

Eliacom's Enhanced SQL Portal is a full featured MySQL database management system, which offers extended capabilities. Create custom forms to deal with most data types. Organize your database tables into a folder structure similar to how you organize files. Save views of tables. View entire tables without paging, no matter how large the table. View how data is related between tables seemlessly. Easy inline editing. With many more features, you can manage your database more effectively using ESP.

A powerful tool for managing MySQL. Build forms. Save views. Export databases and tables. Import data into tables. Batch updating and deleting of tables, columns, and tables. Advanced filtering. And more.

   Core Database Management Apps

Table Manager
Query Manager
Relationship Manager
As easy as a spreadsheet
Manage database tables from here, including adding, changing and deleting tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, data, all as streamlined as possible. You can batch update and delete tables, columns, and data with advanced filtering options, speeding up workflow. Save views, create custom forms, and even create grouped views that can be saved.
    Track and save useful queries
The MySQL GUI query browser allows you to execute any SQL statement to your MySQL server. It tracks your history so you can easily go back and find useful queries. You can also save and organize queries that you often use to minimize your work. For any select query, you can instantly make an "SQL view" out of it, which then becomes available and customizable in the Table Manager.
    Track relationships, without trying
The relationship manager shows you immediately what tables refer to a peice of data, and quickly shows you all the data that references it. For a relational database, this eases searching for different relationships. When browsing, if there is an eye gless next to the data, click on the eye glass, and you will see these relationships.