This set of MySQL GUI Tools help you develop, administer, and manage your MySQL database easily and intuitively: no programming needed (unless you want to). Here's a list of some of the features.

If you don't like reading a bunch of words, just try out the demo!

Enhanced SQL Portal:

  • Available from anywhere via a web browser
  • Manage multiple servers and databases from a single instance
  • Strong client side and server side validation to protect against attacks
  • Built with security in mind from beginning to end
  • Looks and feels like a desktop with installed "apps"
  • Create desktop shortcuts to different tables and views to more quickly get to where you want to go
  • Available as plugin on WordPress and a component on Joomla!

Relationship Manager:

  • For data that has referential integrity to other tables, an eye glass appears next to that data. Click on it, and every peice of data that refers to it will be shown. You can quickly navigate relationship trees this way
  • Dropdowns automatically appear for columns with referential integrity. Create custom description templates for these columns that are automatically pulled from the parent table. This allows descriptive names while maintaining strict integrity using columns like auto-increment columns.
  • When browsing data, view the description of the data with referential integrity rather than a meaningless ID. We even allow you to filter on the description rather than the data that is actually there when browsing in the table

Table Manager:

  • Organize tables into "folders" and easily search for tables to manage large databases
  • Quickly create/copy and delete tables, with or without data.
  • Make databases more managable with extended meta data for columns in tables:
    • Easily add descriptions to columns that show when viewing or editing data
    • When browsing, set which columns show, and the column order in which they show
    • Save different views of tables so you can immediately get back to a view you like
    • Inline editing that is as fast as editing a spreadsheet, but with specialized fields (see below)
    • Store data with built-in AES encryption to protect sensitive information (just mark the column as encrypted)
    • Advanced filtering: specialized filters for dates, numbers, booleans, text (begins with, ends with, contains), and fully custom filters as well.
    • Extend MySQLs data-types and set custom validations with more than 20 validations built in, and the ability to make your own using regular expressions:
      • Custom regular expression fields
      • Date fields and date-time fields with graphical date pickers
      • Password fields
      • alpha, alphanumeric, currency, integer, real, and other validations
      • Google maps field (for storing locations)
      • Code fields with syntax highlight, tabbing, and brace matching: MySQL, PHP, javascript, etc.
      • Various others such as drag and drop list fields, tree dropdowns, etc.
  • Create and manage indexes on tables, using an easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Create and manage foreign keys between tables. Never get an error 150 ever again, since we check for almost every cause before attempting to create a foreign key (see this article for a description of possible causes)
  • Add application level listeners to perform different actions when inserting or updating data at the javascript, PHP and MySQL level. This gives you complete control of what happens when data is touched in the databse

Query Browser:

  • Automatically saves a history of queries that you have performed so you can go back without retyping. These persist between sessions.
  • With two clicks, turn any query into a MySQL view, which then becomes avaiable in the Table Manager with all of its benefits.
  • Organize and save queries for later use. You can organize queries for later use using the searchable organizer tree.